Student Day

imageThe NexGen Youth Arts Conference provides an educational forum for students with interests in traditional and non-traditional arts-based careers. The conference draws attendees from across the state and features multiple labs and workshops on fine and performing arts, multimedia technology, and other arts-based career paths led by some of the most dynamic professionals in their respective fields.


A Walk with Lions
A way of life.

If you run from lions, they will catch you. If you fight them, they will devour you. We would do far better to walk with them.

Like lots of artists, Aubrey has crossed paths with many lions. His mentors, inspirations, and failures are all lions in other forms. From being bullied and still becoming the first male cheerleader at his high school,   to being one of the last dancers hand picked by Alvin Ailey and travelling the world with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater the world’s most commercially successful dance company, Aubrey has come across both inspiring and challenging people, unyielding circumstances, and the choice to fight or flee many times. In some instances the greatest battles have been with the roaring lion of doubt.

It wasn’t until he crossed paths with the loving lion of mentorship from a wheelchair-bound quadriplegic choreographer and the greatest lion of his life, Disney’s The Lion King, did he come to understand that fight or flight is not always the only option. Hear how leaving the pride and his eleven year run with Disney Theatrical Group as one of Lion King’s international creative caretakers reaffirmed his love of art and it’s necessity. By surrendering battle, the courage and receptiveness he needed to discover his current work with the boundlessly talented children of Harlem and the world was ultimately revealed.

Because of this path Aubrey believes that, “The arts aren’t extracurricular; they’re extra-essential.”® Through his new adventure Aubrey Lynch Extra Essential Arts AL-EEArts, Aubrey is now compelled to use the power of art to inspire children to see their infinite possibilities and to remind adults of their forgotten dreams through his movement workshops at This story is full of lessons, universal truths, and lions, lions that we all experience. It will reaffirm our belief that a walk with lions is a great way to live a highly rewarding life and a wonderful way to teach children to find their passion and stand in their power.

Instead of fighting what cannot change, what would it be like to walk with what is?

Perhaps the story of Aubrey Lynch’s walk with lions will inspire us to do just that and always look forward towards our greatest potential.