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The NexGen Youth Arts Conference

Over the past generation, the school curriculum has shifted heavily towards the core subjects like math and largely ignoring the arts. This has resulted in a creative deficit even though it is very crucial to nourish creativity from a young age. Art offers children an avenue of expressing themselves in ways that other people will appreciate. It can boost self-confidence, creative thinking and problem solving, which is why it is essential to encourage exploration of the different forms of art.

Enter NexGen

In addressing the above problem of reduced exposure to the arts, NexGen was created. It is a broad network including an annual conference with integrated workshops, individual sessions with professional creatives, and exhibitions of the newest information in creative technology, design, fashion, and entertainment. College and university events are also specifically designed to offer both educational as well as professional paths to various arts-based professions. The main objective of NexGen is to help  develop a more creative workforce, particularly in the creative realms of entertainment, visual arts, performing arts, photography, fashion, film/video, technology and multimedia design.

So Who Can Benefit from NexGen?

Aspiring college and high school creatives – Students who are interested in exploring careers or experiences in art can gain from the exposure to artists from multiple disciplines. It is also a great way to meet professionals who are already applying their art skills in real-world scenarios and developing their careers. This can offer the much-needed motivation for these young candidates to stick to their chosen art career.

Educators – By partnering with NexGen through college fairs or job fairs in schools, educators also have a lot to gain. This partnership will enable you to continue growing in terms acknowledging new art forms as well as developing more creative learning material to keep the students engaged in art. Educators can even take advantage of the recruitment possibilities by recommending talented individuals to NexGen for the possibility of job placements or internship.

Parents and guardians – Many parents are usually skeptical of the real-world applications of art skills. By attending NexGen conferences, seeing the different presentations and also engaging one-on-one with professionals from the art industry, it can offer the much-needed clarity. The fact that your children can also benefit from apprenticeships, internships, and jobs from attending the conference also goes a long way in convincing some parents that art really does pay.

NexGen offers access to expert knowledge in the art field through discussions and presentations led by experts from multiple disciples. Participants can gain from this kind of rich exposure that also provides the ability to network and get advice on handling challenges. Contact us today and see how you can partner with us for immersive art college fairs and conferences.

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