2017 NexGen Youth Arts Conference Mannequin Contest

Show off your skills. Make a name for yourself.

Creative Student Mannequin Competition will take place Saturday, April 1, 2017 at the Red Lion Hotel, 4751 Lindle Rd. Harrisburg, PA.

Registration is OPEN- Registration closes on March 28, 2017

Ladies Fashion Forward Cut, Color & Style – Perform a cut, style, and color on your mannequin representing, Fashion Forward Trends, oriented to the younger consumer.

Judging Considerations and Competition Criteria
* Completed Mannequins will be judged online based on, technical skills & creativity.
* Styles shown: short, medium, or long cut with color. Hair additions are prohibited.
* Top 10 Student entries will bring their prepared mannequin to the event



1. All contestants must be cosmetology students, have passing grades and be in good standing with the school’s code of conduct. All entry forms must be completed in full. Be careful to correctly list your school’s address.

3. Contestants may register online. Contestants will be notified upon receipt of registration form and payment.

4. Payment of $25.00 (twenty-five dollars) must be made in full at the time you register. This can be done online by credit card or in the mail by check, money order or with complete written credit card information enclosed.

5. Each competitor will receive a contestant number by mail to your school address. This number MUST appear in your photos of your competition mannequin.

6. All photography instructions are available on the conference site and must be adhered to.

7. A competitor can enter more than one mannequin but a separate entry form and payment must be made for each entry.

9. Entry form information will be shared only with competition sponsors, professional manufacturers, distributors, media and others for use in promotional purposes.

10. There will be absolutely no refunds for any reason.

11. Prizes are not transferable.

12. Complete your mannequins total look with accessories but not limited to (make-up, earrings, necklaces, scarves, etc.) however, be sure the actual hair style and accessories compliment your total look.

13. Each mannequin will have an identification number. This number must be clearly seen in the entry photo.

14. Cutting, styling, color, makeup, etc. must be performed by the competitor only! All work done on the mannequin by the student must be done at the school in front of the instructor in charge. The mannequin is NOT allowed to leave the school until photography has been submitted to competition.

15. The winner may be required to reproduce their mannequin in person for the judges.

16. Winners must certify that they completed all their work on their own and that no one else worked on their mannequin.

17. A “signature photo” as stated in the photography rules (see below) with mannequin held by instructor is required.

18. The judges’ decisions are final.

19. The top 10 finalists will be displayed during the conference and the WINNERS announced during the fashion show event on Saturday, April 1, 2017.

20. Your mannequin MUST stay intact until the event is over and you are released from all parts of the competition. Mannequins will be viewed to verify all rules were followed BEFORE any prizes are awarded.


1. Judges will only know competitors by their assigned numbers as seen on the mannequin in submitted photographs.

2. The top 10 entries will be voted on by the judges online and the winners will then be selected.

3. Judges will ensure each entry has stayed with the theme of the competition.

4. Entries are to be judged on the color, cut, creativity, & execution. There are no separate points for makeup, but rather, how the whole look comes together (i.e. Is it within the theme? Is it balanced? Does the hairstyle go with the makeup and accessories?).

5. Judges’ decisions are final.

6. Judges will remain anonymous until the day of the event when the WINNERS are announced.


1. You will be responsible for photographing your own mannequin according to the following rules. Any deviation from these rules will result in disqualification.

2. You will be required to submit 5 photos: One front (with competition number showing), one back, one left side, one right side and Signature photo*.

3. Set your finished mannequin on counter or tabletop with solid white or solid black table cloth. Use the same color as back drop. Only black or white backgrounds are acceptable. Color choice should be based on your mannequins’ hair color. Light hair, dark background; dark hair, light background.

4. Make sure you are in a well-lit area. Normal light required. No special lighting allowed. You will need enough light for your camera to auto-focus. Camera flash should be ON.

5. Photo image requirements for entry: JPG files should be 300 dpi. Make sure the file size is 2.5MB for uploading purposes. The use of an IPhone, or Android is acceptable.

***By using this photo source, it allows us to maintain the integrity of the competition and create similar photo submissions.

6. All photos must be taken in sequence: (1) front, (2) right, (3) back, (4) left and (5) signature. Mannequin may not be retouched or reshaped once the first photo is taken.

7. All mannequins must have their identification number visible in the photo.

8. No changes in Photoshop or any other photo editing program allowed. No changing or enhancing of color or manipulation of the original image in any way.

9. Sending MORE or LESS than the required 5 photos will result in disqualification.

10. When positioning yourself in front of the mannequin, your camera should be between 18-24 inches from your mannequin. Do not use zoom functionality – that will only reduce the quality of your image. Move forward or backward to position your mannequin. Allow for some border on all sides to frame your mannequin’s hair. If your mannequin has her hair down, you may use a tall mannequin stand and stand slightly further apart from the mannequin to allow all the hair to be seen.

11. Upload facility made available through online application. All competitors must create a new login account on our website using their competition number/contest ID as username. If you do not use your contest ID as username, your competition photos will be ignored by review team. Competitors are encouraged to open their account as soon as they received their competition number/Contest ID so they can get familiar with account interface.

12. Move the images to your desktop for proper inspection before uploading. If images are in landscape mode then you need to rotate them to portrait before uploading.

13. All images must each be less than 2.5MB in size.

14. All images must be renamed with competitor’s contest ID prior to upload: For example: 12345_1.jpg, 12345_2.jpg, 12345_3.jpg, 12345_4.jpg and 12345_5.jpg

15. All photos must be submitted to our website No later than March 28, 2017, 11:59 pm PDT. After this date all photos submitted are final and no more replacement or changes are allowed.

16. *Signature shot: This shot is the final photo. In this photo the mannequin must be a photo of your mannequin being held by your instructor. By submitting this photo, you and your instructor are attesting to the fact that you, the student, were the only person to work on this mannequin prior to and during the competition. It also affirms all work done on the mannequin was done at the school under the instructors’ supervision and all rules and regulations were followed. This photo is for our record and will not be posted to our website or judged.

Once submitted for judging, all work becomes the exclusive property of NexGen Youth Arts Conference and all competitors give up any rights to the competition photos and/or anything else that may concern the NexGen Creative Student Mannequin Competition. Enrollment, competition, judging and announcement dates are subject to change. Contestants are advised to visit our website www.nexgenconference.org often for any date changes or sponsor additions.


Photo Contest

  • Please provide link to your photo submission. You can use online sites like IMGUR to upload your photos. If you host your photo on Facebook, make sure the permissions are set to "public." Please contact us with questions by using the contact form on this site.