mindiSometimes you can never dream what your life will become.  My band opened for Heart outside of Chicago a few days ago.  I was pinching myself.  Those girls rock as hard as anyone on the planet, and Ann Wilson is absolutely one of my favorite singers of all time. What inspiration to share the stage with them.  I grew up in a tiny beach town in St. Petersburg, FL…. no famous musician parents and no trust fund.  I truly had to find my way myself.  But I loved music, and that love was enough to drive me to play with anyone who would let me, or sit in practice rooms for hours a day instead of going out to party, or playing on the street in Los Angeles to “do what I do” instead of get a day job “not doing what I do” to pay the rent.  I look back to all those inspirations and decisions and think how they shaped my life, and what they led to.  This week I served as a National Trustee on the board of the Recording Academy, the company that puts on The GRAMMYs in their annual meetings.  What an honor.  My love for music has led me to The Recording Academy, getting uber involved because I recognize how many resources they pour into music education and care for musicians.  I’m now on my way to play with my band in Maine.  Sometimes I look around and realize that my love for music has taken me a long way.  It’s pretty amazing that a dream and a very true love of music has brought me here.  Music is not everyone’s true love, but I do believe if you find that thing that moves you, and let it inspire and lead you, it’ll take you where you really want to go. 

Mindi Abair