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NEXGEN 2017 March 31-April 1, 2017,
Central Penn College, 600 Valley Rd. Enola PA.


The NexGen Youth Arts Conference and Creative Career Seminars…

…help give students and others a vision of the future. These events introduce students to potential educational and professional pathways toward creative occupations. Educators and professionals introduce students to diverse specialties such as digital and other visual design, animation, performance, and fashion through a series of workshops and conferences.

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Who Is NexGen For?

Aspiring Artists

Talented high school students who understand the value of practice, work, and determination. They are training to think creatively, evaluate and improve their craft, based on constructive criticism, and express themselves to their fullest potential. These artists are simultaneously developing the skills to be actors, dancers, musicians, writers, as well as educators, scientists, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

Arts Educators

Teachers are passionate advocates for education, the arts, and the children in their communities. Teachers, each with a network encompassing hundreds of students and their families, are vocal supporters of products, services, and causes they care about, and fiercely loyal to the people they serve.


Dedicated facilitators of creativity and talent. Parents of student artists want the best for their young adults as they prepare them for college, the workplace, and the future.



NexGen sponsors and exhibitors will be integrated into our online presence, with click-through logos on the BARAK, Inc. and NexGen websites; in multiple statewide e-newsletters to thousands of current students, arts education leaders, alumni, and supporters; and through the networks of our member associations in multiple arts disciplines. Presenting sponsors may also be featured in statewide and local media coverage.